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IBM AIX Training

IBM AIX Training

This training is about IBM AIX operating system on the POWER platform.
This UNIX system is has a wide variaty of specialized courses.
We offer standard IBM courses, custom picked courses or our own courses.

IBM AIX Basics

This training is an introduction to AIX, how to use the system, working with basic commands, files and directories, permissions, basic schell and editor usage and SMIT.

IBM AIX Advanced

This training goes more into details, starting from the LPAR configuration, VIOS setup to the more advanced PowerVM topics, including networking and performance optimizations.

IBM AIX System Administration Programming

This training is an advanced vim, Korn shell, Perl and Python training, specifically for IBM AIX on POWER.

IBM AIX NIM Training

This training focusses on the installation of the IBM Network Installation Manager (NIM), and the usage of the NIM server within a new continuous infrastructure delivery system.

IBM AIX Security Training

This training is about AIX security features, such as the Role Based Acces Control (RBAC), central LDAP authentication, Trusted Execution, file system encryption, and PowerSC.

IBM AIX PowerHA Training

This training is specific to PowerHA and is only for advanced AIX users, to setup a fully highly available AIX cluster.

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