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Ansible Training

Ansible Training

Ansible is a configuration management, orchestration management tool.
The training will explain you how to use Ansible and setup an inventory to use Ansible with.
By the end of the introduction course of Ansible v2 course, you will be to use Ansible as a configuration and orchestration tool.
It can go into more details and can be customized to your specific configuration environment.

Ansible AWX is an web based push button playbook deployment layer on top of Ansible. AWX provides a powerful interface to Ansible adding a REST API, reporting, user roles and user groups. This course gives an overview and is for Ansible bulls, that understand the basics of Ansible.

Ansible Basic Training

  • Install and setup Ansible
  • Fundamental structure of Ansible
  • Setup your infrastructure through the inventory
  • Create actions, playbooks, and roles

Ansible Advanced Training

  • Ansible complex inventory usages
  • Installing Ansible using Ansible for Distributed systems
  • Using grouping to create distributed Ansible systems
  • Best practices for roles, playbooks and actions
  • Complex variable, loops, and blocks usage
  • How to use Ansible Galaxy

Ansible AWX Training

  • How to setup AWX
  • AWX Features
    • Users
    • Teams
    • Credentials
    • Security

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