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Retail Advertisement Solution

Retail Advertisement Solution

This solutions is an advert system designed for retail purposes.
The solution comes in different shapes, forms, and sizes.


The unit can be configured as stand alone or a central managed systems.

Stand Alone Systems

A stand alone system is a single unit with a screen which show the advertisement from a USB stick.
This solution is good if you want to manage each unit seperatly without a central management system.

Central Managed Systems

A central managed system is a unit with a screen configured to a central system, from where you can manage all units.
The advertissement can be pushed from the central system to each individual unit.


A unit is always connected to a screen, and depending on the screens the integration between unit and screen if different.
We also can provide solutions to hang the units and screens.

Small Screens

Screen from 7inch upto 14inch are fully integrated systems as a single unit.
That can be placed on a table, wall, or window.

Medium Screens

Screens from 15inch upto 50inch, these screens can be placed on a table, wall, or window, using special mounts.
The control unit is placed behind it, or can be a small distance away.

Large Screens

Screens from 50inch onwards, normally these are hung up using wall mounts, however it can also be placed on a table.
The control unit is placed behind it, or can be a small distance away.

Digital Advertisement Media

We can provide Digital Marketing media solutions which provide you with media for your display systems.
This media can be used within the Centraly Managed Display Systems and which upon your approval get published automatically to the display systems.

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