VanTosh Ceylon

IT Monitoring System Solution

Our IT monitoring system solution is a ready to use system, that comes in 3 main flavours.

Cloud based IT Monitoring

This is the solution based on our hosting platform that allows you to gain directly access to a fully setup and configured Icinga2 master.
This solutions uses the cloud based master as the Icinga2 master and can communicate with an endpoint directly or make use of a proxy.
The proxy can be setup on existing hardware or an applicance can be used to have a fully managed cloud based Icinga2 setup.
Depending on your setup a proxy appliance can be a smart proxy that caches data or alerting features.

On Premise IT Monitoring

These are Icinga appliances that runs Icinga2 as master, proxy or client, with custom modules and integrations to give you a ready to use IT monitoring system.
We build the appliance in several flavours and sizes, to better accommodate to your needs and appliances do not require internet connection, so they can safely run behind your firewall.
Our Icinga2 appliance give you a plug and play experience as the machine is pre-configured and ready to use.
All appliances come with monitoring, metrics, alerting and logging capabilities, using open source tools.

Hybrid IT Monitoring

This solution is a combination of the Cloud based and On Premise solutions, it consits of appliances that can be masters, zone master, proxy, or clients, that report back to the cloud.
Our Icinga2 cloud can provide pattern based suggestions, custom alerting and AI based intelligence for better understanding of your monitoring and metrics data. Again here the appliances are build by us for your needs and report back to our Icinga2 cloud for a better total solution.