VanTosh Ceylon

GPS Location Solution

Location System

If you want a solution to follow your vehicules, devices or even people.
This solution give you the possibilities to know the location at every time and keep logs.
With the use of mapping tools, the location can be displayed on a map to give a better overview of the current locations or visited locations.

Food Delivery System

Use as a food delivery system, from managing order coming in from customers till delivery at the customer.
The Food Delivery System allows you to follow up from the online ordering, preparing and routing the order to the customer.
The software will schedule food preparation for a just-in-time food preparation with preferred time delivery to the customer, optimizing for a fresh food delivery at the customers convenience.

Taxi Service System

The Taxi Service System is a solution that offers a Taxi Dispatcher Software and a Taxi Driver App Software.
This allows to create a social taxi driver app with or without a central dispatcher.

Trip Optimization

This solution is a solution for creating location aware trip optimizations.
It uses heuristics in combination with machine learning to create the best optimized trip.
With the use of machine learning parterns, we can create better trips and add more stops.

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