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Icinga was origanilly a fork of Nagios in 2009, at the time the most used open source monitoring tool.
In 2012 the Icinga team decided to rebuild Icinga as Icinga2 with a complete new design to be better in line with the latest development of infrastructure as code, or even monitoring as code.
Icinga2 is now the leading open source monitoring tool that allows you to monitor, measure your IT infrastructure using object based, rule driven, dynamic configuration.
Icinga2 now included a master, proxy and client setup, with dynamic, object and rule based monitoring using secure TLS connection.
Icinga2 connects to other tools, applications to allow metric integration, dashboarding and much more.
Icinga2 does allow the reuse of Nagios plugins and new improved Icinga plugins to monitor endpoints.

Icinga2 consists of 3 main components :

  • Icinga2 Core
  • Icinga2 Web
  • Icinga2 Modules

Icinga2 Core

The Icinga2 core represents the master, client or proxy binary that can be used to setup the core features of Icinga2 monitoring.
The core interacts with other integration parts to allow Icinga2 to do more then just monitoring, such as performance monitoring, alerting and much more.
The core can be setup in a stand-alone mode, or a distributed high available mode.
The core has REST API for dynamic configuration updates.

Icinga2 Web

The Icinga2 web represents the visual part of Icinga2 and is a central web console for monitoring, alerting, overviews and dashboards.
The web module can show historical overviews, aggregration, business continuity and many more visual interactions, some of these features are also availabe on the command line.
The Icinga2 dashboard is a good tool for operational centers that want to have an dashboard alerting system.

Icinga2 Modules

The Icinga2 modules are the integration between Icinga2 and third-party applications to allow Icinga2 to be more than just a monitoring tools. The Icinga team tries to provide as many integration as possible.
VanTosh can assist in creating customed integrations in co-operation with the Icinga team to allow you to have integration between your tools and the Icinga2 tools.
Here are a section that we think is important :

  • IcingaDB : Icinga2 database backend
  • Icinga Director : Icinga2’s config deployement
  • Icinga Envision Business Process and Cubes : aggregation of business impact
  • Graphite : graphing and visualization tool
  • VictoriaMetrics: metrics and time database
  • Grafana : visualization tool
  • Sentry/GlitchTip : application logging
  • Fluentd : logging tool
  • SysLog : logging tool
  • Ansible : configuration management and orchestration
  • Puppet : configuration management
  • Foreman : automated provisioning tool
  • Request Tracker : support ticketing system
  • OTRS : support ticketing system
  • NagVis: a plan based visualization tool
  • Alerta: alerting system, with alert and notification aggregation
  • OnCall: for on-call rotation tracking and notifications
  • viPiCom: a Call/SMS notification system

There are many more integrations available or possible.