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Web Services

Web Services

VanTosh provides a variaty of web services.

Transactional website

A Transactional website is a websitew that is used to record business transactions.

  • E-commerce web systems
    • The selling of products or services through the internet
  • Booking web systems
    • Booking of services or rental websites
  • Auction web systems
    • The selling of products or services through a bidding system
  • Tendering web systems
    • The purchasing of products or services through a bidding system
  • Web Trading
    • Web system for trading of commoditities online

We can setup a complete system web based or use your existing system to extend your business online.

Application website

Application websites are websites relating to specific business processes.
The business processes can cover both internal, external or a combination of both, it can also be provided both through a web interface, a graphical interface and an API.

Some examples are :

  • Time Management System
  • Expense Report System
  • Report Publication System
  • Customer Promotion System

Content based website

Content based website are websites that provide content on their website that estabishes a business awareness and conscience for the company in the online arena.
These website range from small to larger web solutions and can have static or dynamic content to allow a company to expose their core business content to the world.

Web hosting / Cloud hosting

We provide hosting solutions for your web systems inhouse or with use of third-party vendors.
This enables us to leverage resources to your need, while keeping costs low.

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