VanTosh Ceylon

Icinga Services


As an Icinga Enterprise Partner, we provide a range of official Icinga Services, and we also offer more customized and specialized services.


Icinga Consulting Services

We provide a wide variaty of Icinga Consulting Services and as Enterprise Partner of Icinga, we have first hand knowledge of Icinga. Icinga Installation Services We install or assist in installation, configuration and updating of Icinga, Icinga Stack or any other component of your monitoring setup. Icinga Optimisation We optimize your current Icinga setup to be more robust and make use of advanced Icinga features or integrations. Icinga HA Setup We install or assist you in creating or moving to a High Availability setup, in which Icinga can be setup as a redundant cluster system.

Icinga Development Services

VanTosh can help you develop Icinga modules for your software or services. We built custom integrations, open source integrations or any other integration required. Please contact us for further information.

Icinga Support Services

VanTosh, as an official Enterprise Partner of Icinga, offers standard and customized Icinga Support packages and many more options. Icinga Subscription An Icinga Support Subscription provides professional assistance to cover your entire monitoring infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to focus on your business. It also provides you with a feedback loop to influence new features, we can patch Icinga to your needs and get those patches upstreamed. Icinga Stack Icinga is a monitoring software that has an engine, a user interface and interfaces, this allows Icinga to be combined with other software.