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DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations, it is a software engineering paradyme that involves a new approach to software delivery.
The origin of DevOps has it roots in Ghent, Belgium and has it’s origin in agile development and operations.
It is a discipline that describes a team based agile development, breaking down the traditional silo’s.
It allows to combine expertises to gain faster, better, stable, and secure deployments.

DevOps requires a change in the way software development and deployment works together.
It requires a combination of development and operational principles, to be able to deliver software faster, better, tested and secure.
This new look at sofware delivery requires to change from older software development paradymes

DevOps is a combination of cultural, tooling, and organizational changes.
Unlike other companies, VanTosh approuches DevOps consulting services from the bottom up, we introduce tools on the path to DevOps enlightement.
The cultural and organizational changes follow once people get the tooling and the tool chaining in orde.

VanTosh can organize workshops, trainings to assist in the road to DevOps.
We can create an automated software deployment pipeline to create continious integrations or/and deployments.

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