VanTosh Ceylon


Managed Services

VanTosh offers IT Managed Services.

Icinga Services

As an Icinga Enterprise Partner, we provide a range of official Icinga Services, and we also offer more customized and specialized services.

IT Renting Services

VanTosh provides a IT Renting services, for the IT Solutions it provides. This means that VanTosh provides you with an integrated solution. By using the renting services, you avoid a large CAPEX, and move this into an OPEX cost.

DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations, it is a software engineering paradyme that involves a new approach to software delivery. The origin of DevOps has it roots in Ghent, Belgium and has it’s origin in agile development and operations. It is a discipline that describes a team based agile development, breaking down the traditional silo’s. It allows to combine expertises to gain faster, better, stable, and secure deployments.

IT Managed Services

VanTosh provides IT Managed Services for a wide variaty of software, services, and hardware.

Web Services

VanTosh provides a variaty of web services. Transactional website A Transactional website is a websitew that is used to record business transactions. E-commerce web systems The selling of products or services through the internet Booking web systems Booking of services or rental websites Auction web systems The selling of products or services through a bidding system Tendering web systems The purchasing of products or services through a bidding system Web Trading Web system for trading of commoditities online We can setup a complete system web based or use your existing system to extend your business online.