VanTosh Ceylon



Metal-as-a-Service is where bare-metal machines are offered in a cloud based solution. This allows you to have full control of the machine and to manage, install any sofware on that machine.



NVIDIA Jetson is a a Single Board Computer with an embedded System-on-a-Chip with an ARM based CPU and an NVIDIA GPU, which is CUDA enabled. The Jetson’s are perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks. These boards are powerfull in their own right, but can be clustered and together in a cluster can be combined to even more powerful.


There are several POWER based machines, the OpenPOWER based machines are machines that run open source firmware. In this way, these machines are the most open, transparent and reliable machines. We offer several of these machines, in our MaaS offering as these machines provide a lot of hidden options and possibility.

Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPi-as-a-Service is our MaaS hosting in which you get access to your Raspberry Pi. There are several offerings, in which we host, provision and maintain the Raspbeery Pi for you.